How Can You Stop The Dog Meat Trade?

16 May

Whatever has become of morality and ethics in Buddhist Thailand particularly when it comes to how we treat our animals?

More and more street dogs and cats get poisoned, knifed, have their throats slashed, or are beat up. A slaughter house in Klong Toei, Bangkok hang up live dogs by sticking an iron hook in their noses prior to killing them. One can hear those poor animals scream in great pain four kilometers away. Equally shocking is the fact that hundreds of dogs are transported live in a cramp, small trucks across the borders to Vietnam and China. Once they get there they are being skinned alive before they become someones dinner.

It is a common belief among dog meat eaters, be they Vietnamese or Chinese, that it is an aphrodisiac, and at certain times of the month it can bring the consumer good luck, not to mention that it is economical. All one has to do is to catch them from the street or steal them from someones home. No investment is needed. No wonder dog meat traders is a booming business. Hundreds of dog butchers rallied in Tak Rae where 1000 dogs are killed per day in order to defend their profession. They gathered right in front of the Governor and claimed that it is an honorable profession to kill and trade dog meat !!! By what standards is it? Well, these people are Thai who mostly [98-99%] are Buddhist. One of the Buddhist Five Precepts clearly states: Do not kill any sentient being because they also love and value their lives. Another important Precept also forbids stealing because it causes harms to those who are stolen from and also to the one who steals. If your dog or your cat is stolen it causes you immense sufferings because you have lost an important family member. When people find out that you have been stealing you lose their respect, and, no one wants to associate with you. So either way, killing and stealing animals is a No No by the Buddhist Precepts.


So, given that the Buddhist Precepts clearly advise against harming and stealing animals, why do a lot of Thai people still treat their animals bad?

Obviously, the answer is because morality and ethics have been eroded in our society. Rising consumerism is driven by unbridled desires. Everybody needs more money to buy material possessions they actually don’t need. In addition, we don’t have strong laws that protect our animals. For example, the law states that the owner of animals can sell or do anything to them; a penalty for wronging an animal is a fine of not more than 2000 TBH – the same fine one might recieve if you were to drop your cigarette butt in the street. It is then easy to see why animals such as street dogs or cats become victims of people who feel they can make easy money killing and selling their meat.


What can I do about this?

Yes, you can make a difference and help save animals lives! Please sign your name in support of a petition for a stronger law to protect animal, and provide your citizen ID. Code. We need at least 50,000 signatures in order to secure one voice in the Parliament, the voice that will be an advocate for these helpless dogs and cats. The link will be posted on the blog shortly, so please keep checking back. Thank you very much in advance.


One Response to “How Can You Stop The Dog Meat Trade?”

  1. kirsty edgcumbe June 29, 2012 at 2:58 pm #

    im glad someone is finally taking action against this, its horrific and barbaric! I’ve seen pictures of dogs with their front legs tied behind their backs and with cans tied to their muzzles and left in pain and are tortured for days until finally killed because the torture makes the meat taste better… its vile! No animal should be treated this way before being eaten they should be respected that they are giving their lives so you can eat. I don’t like the idea of eating dog but that’s because my culture its not even thought about, but we eat cow and pig and in other cultures that’s deemed dirty and horrible. If its their culture then fine but don’t torture them, don’t steal them, do it kindly… better yet don’t do it at all frankly!! This needs to stop, among other things they eat in these country s and animals they kill for medicine etc its all needs to stop really, I mean look at the beautiful tigers and the dolphins. I just don’t understand why they feel the need to kill them and eat them or use them, they have other meats like the rest of the world? Its not fair cos these people are making us think that everyone is like that and their not.

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